Evidence: The Case for NASA UFOs

Sereda presents this NASA footage and
his remarkable discoveries in this two
part series. He shows proof of intelligent
craft through the process of elimination
of other plausible phenomena;
fundamental principles of faster than
light technology and corroborating
evidence found on the disc shaped
objects; links to the supposed
spacecraft and an identifiable star
system. Over 2 hours of
coverage. Starring David Sereda and
featuring television and film celebrity
Dan Aykroyd.
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Scientists have discovered that matter (mass) on a subatomic level is just electromagnetic wave
patterns vibrating so fast within a space that they give the illusion that mass is solid. Because of this
dichotmoy, mass is believed to be both made of particles and waves. Particle and wave theory are
fusing together as they are both revealing the same thing. All mass has waves that vibrate at different
frequencies. The waves in solid mass as we experience it is relatively low in frequency (measured in
Hertzian waves). Photons (lightwaves) are very high in frequency (Hertzian waves). Photons are said to
have near zero-mass, a property that allows them to attain light speed. A Photon's mass is a huge
debate still unanswered until now.

The Galaxy Clock will show us how to reduce an object's (spacecraft's) mass (breaking Einstein's law)
and cause it to become as light as a photon's mass (nearly zero). Because mass can now be reduced
to Zero, an object's (spacecraft's) mass can now easily glide towards light speed. In this theory we will
examine what properties a photon has that allow it to attain light speed and how mass can also attain
the same properties. This new theory will show how solid mass (spacecraft) can change frequency and
transform into the same frequency as light at attain light speed."

"The Galaxy Clock is the model used in a new
theory in Quantum Physics that will demonstrate
how to cause mass (spacecraft) to break
Einstein's law and attain light speed and beyond.
Einstein's law prohibits any mass from attaining
the speed of light (see Steven Hawkings).
Basically, his law states that as any spacecraft or
mass solid object tries to increase its speed, its
mass increases towards infinity due to inertia. As
its mass increases with higher velocities, it takes
more and more energy to accelerate it. The
faster it goes, the more its mass increases and it
becomes impossible for it to attain light speed
because it would take an infinite amount of
energy. Max Planck, the Godfather of Quantum
Physics had a theory that gives the basis for a
new break-through in Quantum mechanics.
Hidden in his code is a secret that could change
history. Find out what the hidden code is.
For the complete David Sereda lecture,
complete with stunning NASA footage of
UFOs, we recommend
"Evidence: The Case for NASA UFOs"
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